November 16, 2016

A Reagan-era "do over"

From an important article in Townhall by Brion McClanahan - The Beginning of the Trump Revolution:

If you don't like the establishment, pay attention.

Ronald Reagan cruised to office in a landslide victory. He rode a wave of anti-establishment sentiment that also helped put Jimmy Carter into the White House in 1976. When Carter failed to produce, blue-collar Americans turned to Reagan and his promises of a robust economy, a smart foreign policy, and limited government. Reagan paid attention to the forgotten man, the same forgotten man that propelled Trump to victory yesterday.

Then he forgot the forgotten man, mostly because he chose to "work" with establishment Republicans.

The Reagan Revolution also gave us Bill Kristol, George Will, the Bush dynasty, Bill Bennett, and a host of other current "never-Trumpers" who should now be ignored, not pandered to.

Whole thing. Now. Read it. It's important. (And it's brief.)

Trump Revolution Posted by JohnGalt at November 16, 2016 2:46 PM
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