November 9, 2016

I'll take a victory lap

I must take my schadenfreude while I can, B4 POdtUS kills the ride by hectoring republicans for not bringing the steel industry "back," all the sanctuary cities to heel, and creating a new Trump-Caid medical entitlement.

Here's a hint:

Krugman's column provides a textbook case of a once-brilliant mind destroyed by bromides and kindness that can kill. My god, but becoming Liberal is so destructive!

I find it hard to care much, even though this is my specialty. The disaster for America and the world has so many aspects that the economic ramifications are way down my list of things to fear. Still, I guess people want an answer: If the question is when markets will recover, a first-pass answer is never.
Right, who cares about professionalism, objectivity, faith, and what this election meant; go whinging back to your snug mansion that can't fit your ginormous smugness because I didn't get my way!

Slate is nearly melting off my browser screen: Victory Proves that American Hates Women.

I Am a Gay Jew in Trump’s America. And I Am Afraid for My Life.
and “Trump Won the Election By Promising a Resurgent White Supremacy.”

PowerLine (back to having those awful pop-ups)'s Paul wonderfully sums up the group-freak at WaPo

A glance at the home page of Real Clear Politics shows where I think and hope journalism is headed.
1. WaPo's Marc Fisher keeps his head: Trump Ignored the Rules of Modern Politics--and Won
2. The American People Said No to Oligarchy & Ruling Classes - Joel Kotkin, City Journal
3. Trump's Win for the Little Guy Turns World Upside Down - Michael Goodwin, NY Post
4. Trump Didn't Split the Republican Party--He Strengthened It - Fred Barnes {clearly a toadie...}
plus a half dozen other Liberal's freaking out...

Hayward publishes a PL article that read my mind....

The head of the Joint Center for Political Studies, which the Washington Post describes as a “respected liberal think tank,” reacted to the landslide thus: “When you consider that in the climate we’re in—rising violence, the Ku Klux Klan—it is exceedingly frightening.” Castro, said right before the election: “We sometimes have the feeling that we are living in the time preceding the election of Adolf Hitler as Chancellor of Germany.” Claremont College professor John Roth wrote: “I could not help remembering how economic turmoil had conspired with Nazi nationalism and militarism—all intensified by Germany’s defeat in World War I—to send the world reeling into catastrophe… It is not entirely mistaken to contemplate our post-election state with fear and trembling.” Esquire writer Harry Stein says that the voters who supported the Republican were like the “good Germans” in “Hitler’s Germany.” Sociologist Alan Wolfe is up in the New Left Review: “The worst nightmares of the American left appear to have come true.” And he doubles down in The Nation: “[T]he United States has embarked on a course so deeply reactionary, so negative and mean-spirited, so chauvinistic and self-deceptive that our times may soon rival the McCarthy era.” The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, keeper of the “Doomsday Clock” that purported to judge the risk of nuclear annihilation, has moved the hands on the clock from seven to four minutes before midnight.

... all of which was said (per professor Hayward) not about Trump, but about Ronald [Honorius Magnus] Wilson Reagan!

Lastly, on an even better note, Michelle Malkin quotes Peter Thiel at the National Press Club last week:

The lie behind the buzzword of diversity could not be made more clear," Thiel noted. "If you don't conform, then you don't count as diverse, no matter what your personal background. "No matter what happens in this election, what Trump represents isn't crazy and it's not going away.

Media and Blogging Posted by nanobrewer at November 9, 2016 11:23 PM

Love the schadenfreude nb. It's as if, when Democrats win, NOBODY is sad. Well, at least nobody who anybody that is "smart" or "important" has ever met.

But I can't tell if your open is serious or sarcastic. I'll just pick on two items: Wouldn't you welcome federal action to require city governments to uphold immigration law? And on health care, what I've heard Trump say repeatedly is "Health Savings Accounts" and "coverage sold across state lines." Ain't no entitlement talk there, bubba. Now, by the time Paul Ryan has his say...

Posted by: johngalt at November 10, 2016 11:03 AM

I'm cautiously optimistic. Let's not quibble over what DJT may have said or implied (he's had many, many stances). Hopefully, the GOP will be wise enough to direct his temperament toward the media, let him have modest success, and do the hard work of undoing all of BHO's excesses.

Thank god USSC is saved from a liberal majority; Roberts was bad enough! But, yes, let's revel in the victory over the smug, insular, inbred media and build a wave for action! First I'd choose is overrule the ACA, reign in the EPA and ask for Comey's resignation, nicely, but poste haste.

Good cop, Ryan-Rubio, anyone? Good bean-counters Moore + Kudlow for sure!

Posted by: nanobrewer at November 11, 2016 1:45 AM

I must take my victory lap because I cannot write as well as Will Rahn: The unbearable smugness of the press is terrific. Who knew that literate, self-aware folks are still employed at CBS?

modern journalism’s great moral and intellectual failing: its unbearable smugness. Had Hillary Clinton won, there’s be a winking “we did it” feeling in the press, a sense that we were brave and called Trump a liar and saved the republic.
The audience for our glib analysis and contempt for much of the electorate, it turned out, was rather limited. This was particularly true when it came to voters, the ones who turned out by the millions to deliver not only a rebuke to the political system but also the people who cover it. Trump knew what he was doing when he invited his crowds to jeer and hiss the reporters covering him. They hate us, and have for some time. And can you blame them?

Posted by: nanobrewer at November 11, 2016 3:06 AM

This seems a good place to mention my surprise this morning when I heard a respected (by me) foreign policy voice, KT McFarland, say [paraphrasing] "It's not about the people (around him) it is about the President. He is the smartest person in the room. His instincts are incredible."

As one who has said, "It's okay, he'll have good people around him to keep him from doing dumb things" I found this surprising.

KT gave an example - "When Donald said the US should get out of NATO because the other members aren't paying their share, everyone shrieked 'we can't say that' but then, after they thought about it, most people realized 'hey, he's right, they should pay a larger share for their own defense. And now Germany has responded by increasing its defense budget. He doesn't owe anybody anything and he isn't beholden to anyone. He has a clean slate and he can really take a fresh look at a lot of things."

Posted by: johngalt at November 11, 2016 4:28 PM

Hmm, yes, there are times for bold action and words - and, yes, American can and should throw it's weight around a bit (instead of rolling over for autocracies, and rolling on top of democracies).

Still, we surely know that Germany's increase is due to Putin, not Trump. I smell a nose getting browner.

what's key is his temperament and judgement - that ship has not even fueled up or scraped barnacles, IMO. He talks big, we can agree, might even think big. All else is unknown.

Posted by: nanobrewer at November 12, 2016 9:36 AM | What do you think? [5]