September 9, 2016

I'm a True Coloradan Now

I took a friend to a dispensary. Speaking of "True Colorado," it was right next to the JAX Feed & Grain store in Lafayette -- now that's Colorado!

I was pretty impressed with a few things:

-- not only open at 8:00 am, but doing a brisk business. Dang, stoners have grown far more ambitious since I was a young man. No, seriously, it was a good crowd, some young professional people. If they're up at eight I am guessing they are on their way to work.

-- the staff was friendly and professional. Young at tattooed: I knew I wasn't a Goldman Sachs, but helpful and professional.

-- there is much Kabuki around safety. You need a zipper bag which locks to remove your purchases. I presented an ID in the lobby to be allowed into the room "with product." Then my ID was checked again at purchase. (They scanned the stripe -- does that get sent to AG Loretta Lynch?)

-- There is a steam-punky, 1890s vibe because all products are from new and small companies. They attempt slick and corporate but fail. Nor is it hippie-ish. Just an obviously inchoate industry, which I liked very much.

Thanks to the Feds, all purchases are cash. That is probably the freakiest part of the endeavor. I hope this is repaired. But my friend said "Thank God we live in Colorado!"

I had to agree, even though I left empty handed.

Colorado Freedom on the March Posted by John Kranz at September 9, 2016 11:46 AM
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