July 5, 2016

Self demolishing Tesla

I can't find the thread where self-driving cars was discussed, but this article from a Tech pub is a very good summary of the FL fatal accident in early May while a man's Tesla was operating on Autopilot.

The comments are quite good as well (all geeks, no activists get this far).

Science Technology Posted by nanobrewer at July 5, 2016 11:48 PM

Morbid humor being permitted in the ThreeSources Style Guide, I'll point out that you don't have to run faster than the bear -- you just have to outrun your slowest companion. Likewise, the autonomous pilot needs to be better -- I'd suggest by magnitudes -- than human drivers.

I wondered what would happen with the first fatality and this will be interesting to follow. Thanks for sharing that link, it was much more informative than most.

As an advocate of the technology, I am pleased that the occupant is the victim. Morbid again, but his is by definition a morbid topic. When one strays off the road and hits an innocent three-year -old, there will be pitchforks and a law named after the attractive youngster.

Lastly, though I crusade against Elon Musk's crony capitalism, I compartmentalize here and hope minimal blowback comes back to hit Musk and Tesla. This technology will someday save tens of thousands of lives and add $Trillions to the economy. I will not let schadenfreude get in the way.

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