June 23, 2016

Brexit at Tiffany's

I'm feeling for my anarchist friends today. (And they'll tell you how rare that is.)

The Brexit vote, at 3:49 Mountain) is too close to call. Forty-eight percent are going to be terrifically disappointed with a key aspect of their "social contract" based on popular vote.


Current Events Posted by John Kranz at June 23, 2016 5:55 PM

Let freedom ring! By a decisive margin,United Kingdom votes to "quit the EU." Take that, Brussels. You and your "common future" and "obligations."


One man's ceiling is another man's floor: "Catastrophe" or "Independence Day."

I was not expecting the torch of liberty to ignite in Europe, even in Britain. But our English cousins surprised me. Bravo! My optimism in the human spirit is vindicated. May that brave and determined spirit reappear five months hence, on this side of the pond.

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