June 11, 2016

Feel-gooders vs. Do-gooders

Truth: "McDonald's Restaurants Are America's Real Community Centers
Not the Spaces Offered by Paternalistic Do-Gooders"

The kale-and-quinoa set love to vilify McDonald's as a bane of the poor. McFood causes obesity and chronic disease. McBosses pay low wages, and, when workers "fight for fifteen," they villainously respond by replacing them with computerized kiosks for taking customer orders.

There is merit to the health critique, but not so for the economic one. But there is one way in which McDonald's provides an inestimable service to the poor. It has gone almost entirely unremarked, until a reporter recently interviewed regulars at a McDonald's in the Bronx. The Guardian's Chris Arnade points out what has been staring us all in the face: that "in many poor and middle-income neighborhoods" "McDonald's have become de-facto community centers... ."

Click through to read the whole Guardian article. It is superb. A bit of "Wah Wah, income equality," but it is the Guardian and -- to be fair -- it is germane: "When faced with the greatest challenges, with a personal loss, wealthier Americans turn to expensive therapists, others without the resources or the availability, turn to each other." And an Egg McMuffin. I'm getting a little hungry typing...

Philosophy Posted by John Kranz at June 11, 2016 10:28 AM
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