June 10, 2016

Quote of the Day

[President Obama] doesn't sound all that hot, though. In that regard, the video [endorsing Sec. Clinton] reminds us of a Barry Goldwater campaign ad from 1964, featuring Ronald Reagan. "I ask to speak to you because I'm mad," the future California governor and president tells the camera. "I've known Barry Goldwater for a long time. When I hear people say he's impulsive and such nonsense, I boil over."

Reagan's arms are defensively crossed, but he's still far too genial to convey anger convincingly. It shows why Reagan was a B actor but an A-plus politician. -- James Taranto (All Hail!)

UPDATE: Honorable mention, a few paragraphs down:

Another Sanders backer, 24-year-old Deonte Smith, says: "I would vote for Mickey Mouse before I pick Trump or Hillary." Bill Kristol, are you listening? Mr. Mouse has excellent name recognition and is very popular with denizens of Main Street USA.

Dem2016 Primary Posted by John Kranz at June 10, 2016 4:57 PM
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