June 9, 2016

The Party of Bernie

Hope you're all feeling all historic and shit this week!

Sorry for the coarse language, but I can't get into it. I actually did harbor some excitement about Barack Obama. Tough I supported Sen, McCain, I was happy when this great nation elected an African-American. I don't have a whiff of that with Clinton. Not one whiff.

Dan Henninger says it doesn't matter

The real claim to Democratic Party history belongs to Bernie Sanders. Sen. Sanders has recentered the Democrats, once and for all, as a party of the political left. He has reimagined the Democrats--almost with the force of his personality--as a party of the state, of government and of redistribution. Period.
The party of Franklin Roosevelt through Lyndon Johnson and its alliance with private-sector industrial unions made Democrats aware that their fortunes ultimately were joined to the success of the private sector.

The Democrats are now the party of Bernie Sanders, the progressive icon Sen. Elizabeth Warren and--make no mistake--of Barack Obama, a man of the left from day one. Rather than distrust the private sector, they disdain and even loathe it.

Like the populists woken by Donald Trump, this wing of the party was always there. Sen. Sanders showed them they could win. Or, they could have, were there no superdelegates.

Dem2016 Primary Posted by John Kranz at June 9, 2016 10:39 AM
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