April 27, 2016

more thought on bathroom wars

Had a hard time with a category for this, but reckon it outta include Culture Wars, and perhaps Donkey Rescue.

1st: we cannot allow such a travesty as bathroom-choice via Gender Identification to go unchallenged. It's simply ridiculous, "absurd" as my preferred candidate says, and a greased-up precipice hiding as a slippery slope. It's another route for leftism to destroy sensical standards.


2nd: I side with JK's inference that it will abide predation, and if not conclusively proven, I think the case must be made is this really worth it?. I don't think all the stats summed up in this emotional editorial are fully true and vetted, but agree strongly with her conclusion:

it is nothing short of negligent to instate policies that elevate the emotional comfort of a relative few over the physical safety of a large group of vulnerable people.
the priority ought to be finding a way to keep everyone safe. I'd much rather risk hurting a smaller number of people's feelings by asking transgender people to use a single-occupancy restroom that still offers safety than risk jeopardizing the safety of thousands of women and kids with a policy that gives would-be predators a free pass.

The simple solution is single restrooms; there are plenty already. The complicated solution is to make the case in today's hypersensitive media space. And, yes, perhaps rant also fits, as I have two daughters and am already thinking about the local rec center's locker room!

Feminism Posted by nanobrewer at April 27, 2016 12:26 AM

What's all this talk about solutions? We have and always will have a solution: boys/girls. Men/women. Guys/dolls. Hombres/senoras. Use whichever you want, as long as you look like you belong there. Otherwise market forces will take over and a cop will be called. Even then, do your business fast enough and the worst you'll receive is an admonishment.

This issue isn't about solutions or even fairness or discrimination. It is about transformation. Personally I think it is an overreach by the left - nearly every other transformation in the name of multiculturalist relativism has passed by with relatively little backlash. But make a big deal out of letting guys go in the ladies room and you've pissed off (pardon the pun) the wrong demographic.

Most of all I'm curious which self-serving position Hillary has/will (if she dares) take on this.

One last pun: This too, shall pass.

Posted by: johngalt at April 27, 2016 2:30 PM

Left unanswered this becomes another club, labeled "Hate", with which to beat the right and its supporters into submission... it needs to be ground down.

Posted by: nanobrewer at April 28, 2016 11:00 AM

I challenged that notion in the "All toilet, no humor" post. Don't we just play into the left's hands by fighting back? Trying to "grind down" the leftist opposition's looney ideas? We look petty and reactionary and uncaring - all the things that they unfairly paint us as.

I suggested we accede to their plans whenever possible, the loonier the better, as long as they were explicitly labeled "Brought to you by: Democrats." When normal people realize the looney ideas are abnormal and want "change" they'll know just who to blame.

Posted by: johngalt at April 28, 2016 12:18 PM | What do you think? [3]