April 15, 2016

GOP Nomination "Inside Baseball"

A one-question quiz, to see who's paying attention...

Q: Which state, in reaction to what happened to their delegates at the 2012 Republican National Convention, changed its delegate election rules earlier this year in a way that may be to the detriment of the Donald Trump campaign?

Tick tick tick tick...

A: Colorado! Right? Umm, no.

As the Denver Post, among others, has explained, Colorado made no changes to its rules for electing delegates. Rather, it discarded the traditional non-binding straw poll, because the national party had made that non-binding poll binding in 2012, and the standing Convention rules would have made it binding in 2016. So The COGOP State Central Committee members voted to skip the non-binding poll. Delegates were then elected the same way they've been elected since 2004.

The state that wants to "steal the nomination" from Donald Trump is, his own home state of New York.

The New York Republican State Committee approved the rules change last year, marking the first time in decades that GOP presidential candidates won't be allowed to select their own delegates from the Empire State. Instead, the state party will decide.

The new process rewards longtime party loyalists in the state - taking power away from the presidential candidates and their most fervent supporters in the April 19 primary.

The change could have a significant impact on Trump, who is heavily favored to win his home state's primary.

There is one thing in common between the New York and Colorado situation - the attitude of those who've had enough of Trump's winning whining.

Trump, ultimately, will have a chance to use his deal-making skills to keep his New York delegates aligned behind his nomination, Walsh said.

"Trump bills himself as the greatest dealmaker, so here's his chance," Walsh said. "Let's see if he can get a deal. If he doesn't, he's done."

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