April 10, 2016

"Not your grandpa's GOP"

The story of the day from yesterday's GOP State Assembly is clearly the landslide victory of El Paso County Commissioner Darryl Glenn in the US Senate nomination contest. The favorite of the nine candidates on the assembly slate, Tim Neville, received just 696 of the nearly 4000 votes available. Meanwhile, on the strength of an inspiring speech, Glenn convinced 2664 delegates, a whopping 70 percent, to choose him. My sense was that the race was fairly even among four of the candidates going in but Glenn clearly caused massive vote switching, including mine.


The Colorado Springs Gazette wrote in an editorial,

It happened again. An underdog tapped the emotions of fed-up Republicans, tired of business as usual, and defied the widely assumed outcome of a major political event. Upsets seldom get bigger than this.

The Republican Party is getting a political blood transfusion. For Democrats, this may not be good news.

The retired Air Force Lieutenant Colonel displayed a commanding and confident presence which, combined with unambiguous lines about Republican ideas, principles and leadership, brought the house to its feet.

"I'm tired of hearing about Republicans reaching across the aisle. We need to step up and lead, ladies and gentlemen," Glenn said. It appeared to close the deal among a crowd that believes House and Senate Republicans have squandered majority status and buckled under a popular Democratic president.

The convention was a showcase of diversity among candidates and a long parade of white, black, Indian, straight, gay, male and female speakers in positions of power. Nothing resembled the party's old established white male image.

Make no mistake, however, Glenn did not win simply because he's black - he won because he answered the grassroots yearning for voices that cut through the platitudes and doublespeak that says one thing to get elected and falls into line when they get to Washington.

And Glenn isn't the only fresh face we promoted this week. Calandra Vargas came seemingly out of nowhere to win top-line position in a primary election with incumbent 5th Congressional District Representative Doug Lamborn.


Republicans are breaking their outdated mold, as seen Friday and Saturday in Colorado Springs. Democrats should take heed. They aren't facing grandpa's old GOP this year.

I predict an interesting and exciting primary contest over the next two months.

UPDATE: More on Ms. Vargas from her LinkedIn page [emphasis mine]:

Political and Campaign Professional

Liberty Activist

January 2011 April 2016 (5 years 4 months)

Legislative Aide for Colorado Senate Republicans
Executive Assistant for Committee to Elect Paul Lundeen
Deputy Campaign Manager, Bentley Rayburn for US Congress
Campaign Manager, Mark Waller for Colorado Attorney General
Colorado Director of Social Conservative Coalitions for Mitt Romney
Legislative Aide Colorado House of Representatives
Congressional District 5 Colorado Internship, Office of Doug Lamborn
Foreign Policy Research Assistant at Heritage Foundation, Young Leaders Program

UPDATE: Some words from Ms. Vargas' floor nomination speech, where she came within 18 votes (for Lamborn) of knocking him from the June primary ballot in a race with no declared Democrat opponent:

Vargas said "the Republican Party has failed us, nationally and locally."

"It's time to get serious. I don't know about you, but I'm done. That's why I'm running today," Vargas said. "What are you willing to do to make sure our party has a future? What are you willing to do? Do you want a congressman who shows up at election season and gives a nice speech and a list of things you want to hear? Or do you want a congresswoman who is an outspoken leader, who won't settle, is a team player and who will confront liberals and who also believes it is her job to make the Republican Party a party we can all be proud of?"

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