April 4, 2016

Victory Lap!

Tim Worstoll @ Adam Smith Institute:

The Lancet tells us, in shocked and disapproving tones, that there are now more fatty lardbuckets on the planet than there are undernourished people. We simply cannot bring ourselves to think of this as being a bad thing. Rather, we consider it to be a massive victory for the economic policies of the last few decades. A victory for capitalism, free markets and globalisation.
There are now more adults in the world classified as obese than underweight, a major study has suggested

Yes, I could lose a bit myself, but holy supersize with large fries, it is telling that the food nannies never compare the misery of buying larger pants with starvation.

Different phrases hit us for whatever reason. But I remember reading about the Irish potato famine. Whole families would give up on hopes for emigration or relief and would quietly just enter their homes where they planned to just starve and die. There are a lot of grisly things in this world, but the desolation of that has never left me.

Not having enough food for your kids. Yes, diabetes is bad. Heart disease -- I hear you. But these people do not allow that we have traded a severe problem for a slight one.

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"Dead men leave no carbon footprint."

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