March 16, 2016

the rise of the protectionists

Good article from Hoover, if wonkish. I think the growing consensus here is that this is driven by "populist" pressures on our reps - which is also a factor in Trump's ubiquity, no?

Hmm, I get the Dem's part in this (aka, unions), but why the GOP is struck with this fever is currently beyond me. Bad press -even internal - is all I can think of!

Personally I draw a line - let's say purple for now - between general free trader ideas and the TPP. I don't have hard ideas on why TPP is bad or "not free" mostly just total and complete distrust for the current POTUS, and am willing to listen to reason (but not read Reason ;-)

Economics and Markets Posted by nanobrewer at March 16, 2016 1:27 AM

Great article. To be fair, a big portion of my TPP support was predicated on its being a good tool for the next President. That is before I saw the parade of total losers seeking to succeed Presudent Obama. I won't retract my support but it is freightening to contemplate what how President Sanders or President Trump might wield it. President 6492377 would perhaps be okay.

No Reason, but Russ Roberts's EconTalk podcast was a very fair look at benefits of trade to everybody, but a realistic appraisal of the individual harm to displaced workers. I highly recommend it.

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