February 11, 2016

Colorado to SCOTUS: F*** OFF!

That stunning stay limiting the EPA's power grab? CDPHE says "Not so much."

Yesterday, the United States Supreme Court stayed the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) Clean Power Plan, a rule designed to reduce nationwide emissions of carbon dioxide from power plants by about one-third. The stay is a temporary measure while the federal courts review the merits of the rule.

The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment has been working since last summer to develop a state plan to achieve the Clean Power Plan's carbon reduction targets for Colorado. The department will continue to coordinate with stakeholders to develop this state plan during the litigation. The Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit will hear oral arguments on the rule in June.

I rarely stunned by governmental arrogance, but this strikes me as stunning. I got this from Amy Oliver's Facebook page -- are we missing something?

Deleterious Anthropogenic Warming of the Globe Posted by John Kranz at February 11, 2016 11:05 AM

Colorado bureaucrats wasted little time getting this statement out after Tuesday's ruling. What are they afraid of? That their acolytes and sycophants might spook? Rarely does one witness such swiftness of action in government!

I'd like to offer my translation, paragraph by paragraph...

Yesterday a partisan majority of the Supreme Court overreacted and overreached to delay and discredit a noble act of our historic president.

Colorado bureaucrats and self-loathing environmentalists eagerly embarked on their mission to strangle efficient and economical energy production in our state, and won't let this legal technicality slow us down.

We're going to whistle as we walk past this graveyard because we can't bear considering the possible, or even likely, demise of our grandiose plan to make "alternative" energy the only kind available.

We and our partners in the fledgling alternative energy industry have already concocted a cover story for our goal that passes the giggle test. We're going to rush back to our smoke-filled room and try to find a way to get even with those racist troglodytes on the Supreme Court, and keep our plan alive.

Man-caused climate change is REAL! Science has settled that political question. We will never stop using that or any other excuse to transition to our favorite energy sources at any cost to citizens. And we'll use this excuse to further our other egalitarian utopia interests too. Rejoice, comrades!

No, we're not missing anything. SS. DD.

Posted by: johngalt at February 11, 2016 3:11 PM

Okay, we did miss one thing: The response of Colorado's senate Republicans.

Senator John Cooke (R-Weld County) called the stay "a great victory for Colorado ratepayers and the rule of law. This US Supreme Court decision should send a strong message to the Governor not to force Colorado working families into an expensive, likely unconstitutional EPA plan that will cost Coloradans thousands of jobs."

Senator Jerry Sonnenberg (R-Sterling) said he is very surprised by the White House and CDPHE statements defying the Supreme Court ruling. "Today the CDPHE said it is ignoring the stay and proceeding to implement the CPP. That is unacceptable, and Governor Hickenlooper needs to explain why his administration is not complying with the federal court order," said Sonnenberg.

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