February 8, 2016

Dipping Toes in the Fever Swamps of the Left

I don't know the value of "Are you freaking kidding me?" posts. You can tell me to stop.

This was posted by my biological brother. He's probably a good deal smarter than I am. I'll say in his defense that he read Atlas Shrugged and pushed back on his friends that it is actually "subtler than [they] think" and of value.

He's a true believer. He put a "Jesse Jackson for President 1984" on his guitar and boasted that he is "a tax and spend" liberal. He feels the bern quite intently.

But. On what planet? "Senate Republicans To Flint Poisoning Victims: It's Too Expensive To Help You, You're On Your Own." All the tropes are present in this Occupy Democrats piece by Colin Taylor. Half a Trillion for the military, surely they can send half a billion to Flint. And best of all, this multi-decadal cesspool of disrepair and corruption is of course, the fault of Republican austerity.

"Given the fact that we have about $19 trillion in debt, I think it's fair to ask: Do we want to have the federal government replacing all the infrastructure put in place by cities and states all across the country?" demanded Corbyn (sic) [That's Sen. John Cornyn, they cannot even get the #2 Senate majority voice correct]. Well, its (sic) clear that somebody is going to have to do it, and most likely, it will have to be President Obama who cleans up yet another Republican mess because years of Republican neglect to local infrastructure has set the stage for more crises like the one in Flint.

Oh that bastion of GOP power that is Flint. Oh, that deep understanding of enumerated powers, Article I Section 8. And grammar.

But: Republicans: mean. We got it.

From the other side Posted by John Kranz at February 8, 2016 1:36 PM
In summary, Flint's environmental regulators were asleep at the wheel, but nobody wanted to call them out, because bad things happen to people who criticize the government. The horribly mismanaged water system was the result of government planning born of economic ignorance. So far, relief has come in the form of private corporations donating millions of bottles of water.

Has there ever been a more compelling case for privatization of publicly-run government services?


Posted by: johngalt at February 8, 2016 3:25 PM

No TS'er will stop you from venting... far from it.

> Republicans: mean. We got it.

Oh, no, you haven't yet, as a storm is coming in terms of sexist pigs who'd never vote for a woman... and besides we (speaking broadly) have poopy-pants pulled up over our doodey/heads. To share my point of order, I save my powder for when your brother actually writes something... ignore any memes than can't be clearly disproven with a sentence or two, or better yet; a simple graph.

MY vent would be against CO's Health Co-Op who was my 'health' insurance provider until they were decertified by the DOI. I expected this as some 21-23 others have gone the same way, but I didn't expect the butt-kissing screed I got from the Board President, Chuck Holum, titled "Putting People before Profits."

It featured the predictable dig at unnamed Big Companies, as well as Cory Garder (without saying how he didn't help) and kudos to Dems Bennet, Perlmutter, DeGette (w/o saying how they helped), and OF COURSE, zero explanation of why they couldn't make a profit, nor why they even should. Sheesh, what a butt-kissing exercise at the experience of the taxpayers!

I've already got my powder dry for Bernie's "Healthcare is a Right" with

I teach my kids that every right comes with a responsibility. If healthcare becomes a right, what responsibilities will be placed on us by the IPAB (aka, the death panel)?

Posted by: nanobrewer at February 8, 2016 3:28 PM

UPDATE: Global warming causing boredom and depression in UK dogs.

I take it all back.

Posted by: jk at February 8, 2016 3:35 PM | What do you think? [3]