November 24, 2015

ThreeSources Holiday Bash!

My check from the Koch Brothers is late, so our caviar and champagne soiree is off.

But we could all crash Liberty on the Rocks--Flatirons's party

Whoever said politics and booze don't go together has obviously never been to Liberty on the Rocks, because we've been combining the two with great success for over half a decade!

Traditionally, LotR has had one main speaker at each bi-monthly Happy Hour, but our friends at Liberty Toastmasters came up with a great idea--why not let everyone participate? And why not give away prizes to the best speakers?

You see, even in our circle of like-minded friends, there is still a good variety of thought. We might all have the same goals--liberty--but the way we promote that idea is unique.

So, we at LotR would like to open up the floor to everyone. Come tell us what you believe in, and why. Tell us what you're doing to promote your values. This is an opportunity for learning and for growth, and also for a PARTY!

So, mark your calendars for December 7th and plan on joining us for something completely different--a Speech Contest and Holiday Party at Miller's Grille in Lafayette!

The speaking opportunities will be limited to about 3 minutes to accommodate as many as possible, but there will also be a few slots open for speeches of about 8 minutes. If you know you want to address a large crowd of your peers, then please contact Mike L Shelton or send a message to this page.

We'll kick things off at 6pm, like always, with special appetizers and drinks; then we'll begin the main program at 7pm. There will be no better place to be than with us, so we hope to see you there!:

I'll be speaking on "The triumvirate, Calhoun's toast, and the modern message of forbearance."

Shameless Self Promotion Posted by John Kranz at November 24, 2015 6:00 PM

OK, I'm now following; now, I just need to go to FB regularly (and have a Monday sitter....).

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