October 29, 2015

And now for a bit of fun

First, a QOTD from an unlikely source, who said of HRC

But Libya was the country where she was the midwife to chaos
I would add a small qualification that "Libya" is not necessary. An old WSJ article I can't find anymore referred to them as the "Clinton whirlwind" which sucks up oxygen and money and spits out broken people... published perhaps right after Chris Stevens' untimely death.

This article from Fox very well highlights and summarizes the WHY? question about Libya (she, BHO and some congressfolks broke the law with U.S. arms in violation of the embargo to arm rebels whom she hoped would run the new government). Ah-hah, THAT's what the consulate, ambassador's mission & CIA annex were doing in Benghazi... That is the truth Gowdy needs to pursue, even if it embarrasses some GOPers.

Now for the fun. HILLARITY is fun!! We know, because she says so.

Perhaps it would be helpful for me to provide an example of a fun thing I do. I take part in levity. I enjoy jokes, which are fun. When the occasion presents itself, I have been known to make jokes of my own, thereby creating fun for those around me.

The gist of this post is not pure levity, since the topic so dire, but I had to laugh out loud at Dowd's still sharp snark-sense (poor grammar actually helps!) cutting with an Occam swipe... Midwife to Chaos.... if only she hated HRC more than she hates Republicans... Hat tip to Judge Napolitano's very strong Fox News column.

Quote of the Day Posted by nanobrewer at October 29, 2015 11:31 AM

Finally, at long last, I learn the explanation for Hillary Clinton's role in the public sphere. She's an entertainer!

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