October 14, 2015

Quote of the Day

From a decent article on the Middle East meltdown in the American Interest, which gently pontificates with MSM's best lambent lighting, on how bad things are always Unexpected when a Democrat is found to be at the teller.

President Obama may be the high school principal and Putin nothing more than a juvenile delinquent, but the school walls are covered with graffiti, the principal is being mocked as a loser by both teachers and students, his car has been egged, and he’s got a “Kick Me” sign taped to his back.

The forces of chaos are on the move, Obama is mugging (and prevaricating, like he was on 60 Minutes) and the media are casting about to equivocate (tactically, making smoke so smoking guns can't be found until after the election). In related news, establishment media are citing HRC as the winner of the first Democrat debate, though Byron York isn't so sure.

On top of the MSM's attempt to inflate Obama's increasingly pathetic narrative that he terms leadership (and with credit, some pushback from a normally pushover 60 Minutes)

that [Russia and Iran] had to [send troops to Syria] is not an indication of strength, it’s an indication that their strategy did not work
from "leading from behind" to it's latest iteration "deconflicting." Left unsaid is how Obama wouldn't recognize a strategy if someone put the Marshall Plan in his golf cart seat.

Academia has already begun airing out theories to help the Anti-Americaness of Obama seem normal, cool and even, well, intelligent

What neither the Iranians and especially the Russians seem to be taking sufficiently into account is that a commitment to prop up the Assad regime can easily become costly, futile, and counterproductively dangerous

I don't want to mix topics, but York's article on the Bern crowd made me worried about the Millennial buy-in on DAWG ... so let me propose a runner up for QotD:

a weekend from Hell for President Obama’s Middle East policy. Yet the President seems undismayed; he has resolved to stay the course. This is the most unsettling news of all.

Middle East Quote of the Day Posted by nanobrewer at October 14, 2015 11:21 AM

"Obama wouldn't recognize a strategy if someone put the Marshall Plan in his golf cart seat."


In fairness to POTUS though, he would probably recognize it if it also appeared in a Cloward and Piven book.

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