September 17, 2015

Fiorina Ascendent

How do we know that Carly Fiorina is now an existential threat to a Hillary Clinton presidency (or any other Democrat for that matter?) Because the left is rushing to call her a liar:

To be sure, Fiorina wasn't the only person lying about Planned Parenthood on stage. The claim that Planned Parenthood sells fetal body parts was stated as fact by multiple candidates. It's simply not true, and repeating it will not make it more true. But describing such a vivid and grisly scene that never happened - that is taking it to another level.

But the trouble for them, and for Hillary and the other Democratic presidential hopefuls, is she's not lying:

As for Fiorina's quote, she is likely referring to the entirety of the 10 videos, including the seventh video released by the Center for Medical Progress. Watch the full video for yourself. It does, in fact, show a fully formed fetus, heart beating and legs kicking. And it shows this while Holly O'Donnell, a former organ harvester who worked for StemExpress at a Planned Parenthood affiliate, graphically discuss the harvesting of a brain from a baby whose heart was beating.

WARNING: This video contains graphic imagery of an aborted child and descriptions of harvesting a brain from a male baby whose heart was beating. It also shows a baby born alive at the same age as the baby whose face and head was cut open to harvest the brain.

GOP 2016 Primary Posted by JohnGalt at September 17, 2015 3:01 PM

You know that as Fiorina does rise in the candidate pecking order, at some point, her enemies are going to start trotting out long lines of people she laid off at Hewlitt-Packard.

I hope when it happens that she's unfazed enough to smile and say "that's nothing compared to what I'm going to do to the size of the Federal government's workforce. I'm the only candidate here with experience eliminating entire departments."

And when she gets asked which agencies she's going to lay off, I hope she has a better memory that Rick Rerry...

Posted by: Keith Arnold at September 17, 2015 4:56 PM

While I probably agree more with Sen. Rand Paul, this underscores what I like about Ms. F: she has a superb ability to explain her positions.

NED love Gov. Romney, but when his layoffs were brought up, he dissembled. After two elections where our nominee seemed incapable of having or communicating principles, I'd enjoy Carly's answers.

Posted by: jk at September 17, 2015 5:39 PM

It's hard to imagine a situation that can dissemble Carly. Dead step-daughter, cancer in the rearview ("after chemotherapy, Barbara Boxer just isn't that scary anymore"), happily walking away from the "2 week" brawl at the Hp board meeting....

Ug, she's accepted the scientific consensus that climate change is real and caused by human activity. Sigh, no-one's perfect... but I guess that could be seen as a Clintonesque triangulation (which science? the ones that say we'll warm up 0.2 C?)

Posted by: nanobrewer at September 18, 2015 12:19 AM

There's a difference between accepting and not rejecting man-caused climate change, nb. Here is her full answer.

Posted by: johngalt at September 18, 2015 4:18 PM

Yes, I'm a lukewarmer myself, so I am fine and think an out-and-out denier would be a big electoral liability. (I know we have some 'round these parts and I respect your positions.)

Again, I've heard a few things from her that I didn't buy. But her skill at standing ground and explaining makes up for all of it so far. We have not had a great communicator since Reagan (unless you count Jack Kemp (QB - NY) as VP in '96.

Posted by: jk at September 18, 2015 4:19 PM

It's a "gotcha" question since they could make ads with her saying it's not real, and then call her "anti-science" if she answered it with less nuance than she does starting around the 3:30 mark of the video I linked above.

Posted by: johngalt at September 18, 2015 4:25 PM

JG's link to the Couric interview! How awesome. The lovely bride and I have watched that whole interview several times. That's what I have been waiting for.

Posted by: jk at September 18, 2015 4:29 PM

Ms. Couric gets up early and stays late to provide the footage for the commercial jg describes. Pobrecita, her prey does not play along.

Posted by: jk at September 18, 2015 4:33 PM

She does handle Katie "manfully," swatting away one after another, after another shot at getting a "Macaca" moment.

Innovation, not regulation ... brilliant. Her answer is a decent one (clean coal), but the phrase scientific consensus that climate change is real and caused by human activity was drawn from her Wiki page, which is very well written (no LW nonsense or snipe). I suppose that's her calibrated approach?

Works for me. I shuck titles, but generally say that I haven't seen systemic, GLOBAL warming that's outside of statistical norms. G'head and clean up coal... as long as it still rolls up the conveyor to the burners!

Posted by: nanobrewer at September 20, 2015 11:28 PM

In true devil's advocate fashion, this doesn't sound too crazy:

Posted by: dagny at September 21, 2015 4:28 PM

No, dagny, but there are a couple of crazy bits in it.

Pointy-head Yale Business School prof disses GOP Candidate (yawn). But at the end He thinks the GOP should look to its great women leaders like Sen. Lisa Murkowski ($$$ - AK). Oh, 'scuse me, I coughed up a big piece of pork when I read that (Sen. Ayotte and Gov. Haley were netter choices but...) Her real sin was not listening to the wise Professor "Fiorina can attack me all she wants..." who "has written a book how great leaders rebound." Interesting, but not dispositive.

The bits and pieces of whether the Compaq deal was good can be argued. But I am comparing her record to the sterling accomplishments of Sec. Clinton who flew a lot and a bunch of Senators, and a NY real estate mogul who never went bankrupt ever (...but four of his companies did...)

She may inflate her qualifications. But she has had to face real consequences that the political types have not.

The reason she remains such a bright spot to me remains her ability to express principles. When his layoffs were shoved in his face, Gov. Romney wilted and sniveled. Fiorina explains reality. I'm still in.

Posted by: jk at September 21, 2015 6:01 PM

I had missed this link until dagny pointed it out to me. Now, having read it, I can only conclude that Sonnenfeld is a sexist woman-hater.

But (more) seriously, if Nikki Haley were the sole female in the GOP presidential primary I expect he would write something like, "If the Republican Party seeks great women leaders with proven track records of accomplishment and character for national office, I could recommend many, including the first woman to lead a Fortune Top 20 Company, Carly Fiorina."

Posted by: johngalt at September 23, 2015 11:35 AM

On the other hand, we have this to look forward to.

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