June 17, 2015

Yer Denyin' is worser than my denyin'!

John Stossel says something with which I agree fulsomely: "The Left's Bad Ideas About Science Are More Harmful Than the Right's"

I am reminded of Francisco d'Aconia in Hank Rearden's house in the storm.

Leftists often claim to be defenders of progress, but they sound more like religious conservatives when they oppose "tampering with nature."

The new movie Jurassic World, in which scientists tamper with DNA to create a super-dinosaur that gets out of control, doesn't just recycle ideas from the original Jurassic Park. It recycles the same fears that inspired the novel Frankenstein 200 years ago--the idea that if humans alter nature's perfect design, we'll pay a terrible price.

But it's nature that is terrible. We should alter it. "Living with nature" means fighting for food, freezing in the cold, and dying young.

For all my Facebook whining, one thing I have been enjoying is what Penn Jillette might call "an assload" of anti Junk Science sites. "Sluts for Monsanto," "SciBabe (formerly the Science Babe in opposition to 'The Food Babe,')" and "We Love GMOs and Vaccines." attack woo with a vengeance.

None of these sites are too fond of climate change skepticism. This is fine with me because I am a "lukewarmer," but I am still a bit insulted on occasion. If you're not Bill Nye, you're Jenny McCarthy. I'm fine with a bit of heterodoxy; I wear it well. But I am with Stossel all the way -- the failings of right-wing kookery seem localized and surmountable, left wing cookery more global and permanent.

Junk Science Posted by John Kranz at June 17, 2015 1:21 PM
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