June 12, 2015

Pope Francis is the Antichrist!

Please don't be offended -- I don't believe in the Antichrist per se. But you have to admit -- It would be a much better launching pad than the leader of Russia or some such. To catch the antichrist, you have to think like the antichrist.

Peggy Noonan is my tether to the Church in which I was raised. I found it rather easy to ignore Bill Buckley; Eliot and Chesterton were historical figures; but our Margret spoke to things deep inside. Her description of the miracle at Guadalupe brings tears as I think of it years later. Her intellectual tie of church teachings to the anti-Communism of John Paul II provided a context for liberty in faith. Even when she was bamboozeled by a first-term Senator from Illinois, I listened.

I share because it is clear from her column today that she shares some of my skepticism about the current occupant.

What you find among the churchmen of Rome is what a mystery Francis still is after two years of his papacy. To put it less dramatically, they're still getting to know him and pondering different aspects of his nature, some of which seem contradictory. They love his charisma and respect and appreciate his popularity. He has a gift for intimacy but few intimate friends. He is "a complicated figure," according to a priest who knows him.

Though ideological categories donít fully apply, Francis's political vision is usually described as more or less of the left, assuming a faith in the power of the state to help and protect the people. On piety and the great moral issues the modern church faces each day, he is a traditionalist, though a largely unheard one because the media do not find that part of the picture interesting.

I said "some." You can call someone complicated without suggesting that he or she is the antichrist. But I am not overreaching to suggest that Pope Francis has not found the place in her heart that JPII did. Too soon to call it, but the smart money is on there not being a Francis book.
When he speaks on theological things-- the meaning of the gospel, the mission of the church--he is universally known to be drawing from a deep theological well of study, contemplation and experience. When he talks about politics itís more like he is probing a tooth that hurts. When he pops off, and he likes to pop off, he causes the church he loves discomfort.

I can be meaner. His bad economics will harm tens of millions. His telegraphed embracement of Climate Change orthodoxy will keep millions poor longer than is necessary. Yes, it is nice to have a guy who doesn't want to burn gays on the pyre and rip out the tongues of the divorced with pliers. But I have come to find it disturbing. "I am, the cool Pope," he says. And this makes his other ideas more dangerous. As far as climate, I'll let Ms. Noonan finish.
The Vatican feels the science of climate change is settled. It wants to be in the conversation, it wants to speak on an issue that has great meaning for the young, and as a cardinal said, "The church got it wrong with Galileo and it doesnít want to get it wrong again." Also the European elite is all in on climate change and the Vatican is in Europe. The Church fears being tagged as antiscience and antifact.

But is the science of climate change settled? And can a church that made a mistake with Galileo 400 years ago make another mistake by trying desperately not to repeat the earlier one?

Umm, Galileo rejected the consensus.

Philosophy Posted by John Kranz at June 12, 2015 4:47 PM

"Your Holiness, the science is NOT settled."

- Galileo, 1633

(A rather loose translation of "Eppur si muove.")

Posted by: Keith Arnold at June 12, 2015 6:17 PM

Your holiness may be closer to the False Prophet than he is the Antichrist.

Posted by: Mrs. Kaa at June 15, 2015 3:47 PM

Nope. With all due respect, I'm going with "antichrist."

Posted by: jk at June 15, 2015 5:03 PM | What do you think? [3]