June 7, 2015

I wanna be like Ek

Because I think he's right:

"The old-world paradigms we used to have are no longer true. When I think about music in the future, I donít make a distinction between what's radio, what used to be the music library, and so on," Ek told the Observer in a rare interview. "It's only going to be listening - and, as that goes forward, this old notion of these different industries or different competitors will collapse and merge together."

I like the idea of "Computer, play Kacey Musgraves." Or Dire Straits, or The Who, or Elvis. (Or one of these days, hopefully before I die, "Play The Beatles.")

I've fallen in love with a particular music service called "Rdio." It's got a subscription option but so far I'm listening to the free version, with occasional short commercials and songs from some artists (Jason Aldean and *ahem* Taylor Swift) limited to 30 seconds. I don't know if that changes with subscription or not. But it suggests songs based on whatever search you do, artist, song or genre, and lets different users set up their own "station" with personalized preferences.

No voice control yet but how long do you think that will be? Sooner than streaming the Beatles.

Music Technology Posted by JohnGalt at June 7, 2015 11:30 AM

I truly enjoy The Amazon Echo. It is in Beta still and has some definite quirks, but voice control is liberating. They work to connect it to many of the popular services and yours might be available or soon.

I have a genuine sympathy for content providers of all stripes to face amorphous property rights in one's livelihood. The Luddite's response, however, has never been the best choice.

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