May 30, 2015

Square Beatle

Now that weed is legal in Colorado, Washington, and probably more states very soon, prominent former Beatle Sir Paul McCartney says "he doesn't want to set a bad example for his children and grandchildren by using marijuana." Instead he prefers wine or "a nice margarita."

Hasn't he gotten the memo that marijuana is safer and better for you than booze? I would have expected a more enlightened decision from a long-time vegetarian advocate. Next he'll be saying he's Taxed Enough Already, or something stupid and white like that.

Colorado Music War on Drugs Posted by JohnGalt at May 30, 2015 10:05 AM

It takes a great blogger to admit he was wrong. And, as Mal would say "I'm alright."

In Paul's defense, a nice margarita provides a lot less impairment than typical marijuana use. One of the hopes of the legalization movement was that some weed equivalent of light beer would arise and rise in popularity. During prohibition, we said, drinkers wanted maximum potency for the difficulty of acquisition.

The Colorado experiment has been pretty thorough and I have seen none of that. To the contrary, incredibly strong edibles have captured the market. Maureen Dowd earned some ridicule, but I have heard several stories One-eighth of a cookie or one lick of a lollipop is a "hit." Huh? I am physically incapable of eating 1/8th of a cookie.

Still a big fan of JS Mill liberty. And many of the worse consequences I feared did not transpire. But I think Paul is right.

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