April 8, 2015

Burn the Heretic!

Penn Jillette, line one! Mickey Kaus dares apostasy! He and I differ substantively on immigration, but we're both good recyclers -- unafraid to waste water, energy, or time cleaning our trash. But in the California drought?

Here's another potential water-saving idea: A moratorium on mandatory recycling. I would guess at least 10% of my water use comes from washing/rinsing all the recyclables I am required to separate out from the regular trash. We single yuppies use a lot of plastic take-out containers. Rinsing them makes recycling them easier and, more important, avoids having the recycling bins become a magnet for rats. All that rinsing is a huge hassle. I assume it is normally worth it because it cuts down on land fill use and conserves raw materials like aluminum.

But are those worthy ends more important, right now, than saving us from running out of one of the necessities of life? Seems like a no-brainer: It's more important to save the water. We could start recycling again when it starts raining again.

Or never -- it's Bullshit!

Recycling Posted by John Kranz at April 8, 2015 11:17 AM

HAHAHAHAHA! Good point, Mickey.

But dedicated do-gooders already rinse their recyclables with effluent from their no-flush toilet instead of with precious tap water. "Get with the program, slacker! Hey comrade, put this 'Mickey Kaus' guy on the list for a home visit by the Resource Abuse Team."

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