March 18, 2015

Quote of the Day

Contrary to what pundits and skeptics and newspapers projected, Bibi and his Likud did not take a savage beating, but rather trounced the opposition. There should be no doubt at this stage just how corrupt media coverage of this election, which captured headlines around the world, was. Someone started drinking the anti-Bibi Kool-Aid and everyone else sipped along. Everyone, that is, except for Israeli voters. -- Micah Halpern NY Observer
Media and Blogging Quote of the Day Posted by John Kranz at March 18, 2015 10:17 AM


(1) It's jarring to see someone other than an American president in the role of "the Leader of the Free World."

(2) Given the SCOAMF's barenaked attempt at interfering with - or at the very least, actively attempting to influence - the free election of another country, particularly that of a country which has been historically one of our stronger allies, and particularly against a man who has done his level best to be pro-American under adverse circumstances, it is a pleasure to see how badly Obama failed in this regard. President Reverse Midas Touch strikes again; this doesn't bode well for his March Madness picks.

(2a) Speaking of which, I've saved a copy of Preezy Narcissus' March Madness picks, and am looking forward to pointing and laughing. Since I don't pay attention to roundball, please remind me on April 7 to do my critique.

(3) Bibi Netanyahu knows in his heart that America and Americans stand with Israel, and the placeholder at 1600 Pennsylvania is an aberration. Assuming there isn't a Middle Eastern apocalypse between now and 1/21/2017, he knows it will get better. That being said, don't rule out a Middle Eastern apocalypse in the near future, and it will have Obama's fingerprints all over it, just like the Arab Spring did. Feature, not bug.

(4) It is not the legitimate role of one nation's government to meddle in another nation's process of freely choosing its leaders. I'm not a supporter of "regime change" in any of its popular forms. I recognize the right of Durkadurkastan to choose its leaders by any means its citizens are content with. America can say after the fact that he is a friend, an ally, or an enemy, and act accordingly. When you elect me President, that is the foreign policy you'll get.

(4a) By the above I mean that we act as a nation based on whether the new foreign leader is a friend, an ally, or an enemy of America, not of the personal whims of the guy in charge. "I can't work with this guy" is the personal preference of a narcissist, not the foreign policy of a grown-up Administration.

(5) And yes, it's sweet to see the Obama Stenographic Pool, otherwise known as the leftist media, choking on the results of Israel's election. This morning, I made my non-Starbucks coffee with the delicious tears of the press. It went down smooth.

Posted by: Keith Arnold at March 18, 2015 12:27 PM

I would not purport to add to your thoughtful comment, but I told the lovely bride this morning that we win so few we must surely savor them.

I should be rational and appreciate firstly the reinstatement of PM Netanyahu's firm anti-Islamofascist leadership. But I cannot help that the joy is eclipsed by the failure of the Administration's (shameful, I think) tactics to influence it. And media failure? What is a Sundae with no cherry on top?

Posted by: jk at March 18, 2015 1:10 PM

Re: (4) above-

"Legitimacy" requires objectivity, which implies reciprocity. No other nation has a role in the selection of America's leader(s) either. Durkadurkastan has the right to say after the fact that he is an enemy, and act accordingly. Just as in (3) above, however, DDstan's leaders must recognize any extant difference between a people and their "leaders" as Bibi has done so skillfully; and as America once aspired to with Iran, before American voters elected President "Burn This Mother F---er Down." Ever since his fateful inauguration, the whole world has been catching fire. (1:30) Where is the Paw Patrol?!

Posted by: johngalt at March 18, 2015 2:35 PM | What do you think? [3]