January 2, 2015

Quote of the Day

Missed this:

Prior to last night's Monday Night Football game featuring the Denver Broncos versus the Cincinnati Bengals, Hall of Fame quarterback Steve Young, now an ESPN analyst, was asked how Denver quarterback Peyton Manning would deal with the disguises posed by the Bengals defense."Watch for Peyton to speak to the nation, as the president of the United States would speak to the nation tonight," the former San Francisco great began. "And tell them, 'I am the dictator! I am the one who's going to take care of everything.'" -- TPNN (Tea Party News Network)

Here is a link but the page is full of some creepy HTML. Do not click unless your virus protection is up to date.

UPDATE: Looking for another source, it seems to have been well covered by conservative, alternative news sources and some sports blogs. I'm surprised this would not make FOX, MSNBC or HuffPo.

Quote of the Day Sports Posted by John Kranz at January 2, 2015 12:08 PM
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