December 3, 2014

Sen. Sanders's 11 Point Plan

Actually posted by my biological brother, dampening some hope on our re-engineered corporate welfare plans:


1. Government.
2 Government.
3 Government.
4 Government.
5 Government.
6 Government.
7 Government.
8 Government.
9 Government.
10 Government.
11 Government.

From the other side Posted by John Kranz at December 3, 2014 5:00 PM

The problem with American socialists has always been that they never go far enough. Then, when their crappy ideas fail, they just claim they were too timid. So let's reconsider this list in its "all the way" version:

1) Reinstitute the federal Work Projects Administration
2) Outlaw coal, oil and gas as energy sources (plus nuclear and hydro while we're at it, since we aren't allowed call those carbon neutral or "renewable.")
3) Mandatory unionization.
4) $50 per hour for every job everywhere by everybody.
5) See above
6) Outlaw imported foreign goods
7) Free college for everyone who wants to go
8) Not sure on this one. Either nationalize all the banks or restrict all banks to less than $1B in deposits?
9) Free healthcare for everyone. (Duh)
10) Outlaw old age
11) Flat tax on revenue, not income. Loss or profit, businesses still gotta pay.

You're headed here anyway, let's just get on with it, you bunch of candyasses.

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