November 4, 2014

Why America Can't Lose Weight

Hint: This post is categorized under "food" and not "exercise."

The Adkins diet has earned approbation on these pages, and here's another data point in favor. The new Qdoba burrito configurator web app that I stumbled upon shows, interactively, how many calories and how much fat is in your delicious, foil-wrapped "football." And the first question is the most important one: Tortilla or bowl? choose carefully... it is a 300 calorie decision you are making. Depending on your other choices that could double the calories of your meal. Or conversely, cut them in half.

But that bowl just adds more trash to the landfill! Boo hoo. You would protect the landfill from overflowing, rather than your beltline?

Food and Wine Posted by JohnGalt at November 4, 2014 1:55 PM
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