September 26, 2014

Quote of the Day

What I am saying is that the constant crisis-mongering outstrips the scope of the problem by orders of magnitude. And, more to the point, it's deliberate. This is the great irony. When I say:

"The U.S. has made enormous environmental progress."
"Sexism and racism are smaller problems than at any time in American history."
"Capitalism helps poor people more than socialism does."
"The best way to feed a bear a marshmallow isnít by putting your hands behind your back and holding the marshmallow between your lips."

. . . the response from the left is that I am merely trying to protect the vested interests of The Man and His League of Extraordinary Meat-Eating Oligarchs. But, when alarmists insist the Earth will burn like an ant under a magnifying glass if we don't ban the internal-combustion engine by this Thursday at noon, it's merely "speaking truth to power." I mean it's not like anybody is making any money off of global warming. It's not like thereís any privilege that comes with being a climate activist. It's not like big corporations would ever think to take advantage of the issue. Nor would government bureaucrats ever use climate hysteria as an excuse to expand their own power. -- Jonah Goldberg [subscribe]

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