July 7, 2014

Quote of the Day II

Finally getting to Jonah's awesome-on-stilts-so-far review of "Capital in the Twenty-First Century."

Piketty's occasional concessions to uncertainty about his most dire predictions illustrate one reason he shouldn’t be considered an orthodox Marxist. He has no grand Hegelian theory of the ineluctable progression of History with a capital H. But who needs dialectical materialism when you have algebra? -- Jonah Goldberg

UPDATE (Honorable Mention):
Still, if one takes all these critiques into account, one must conclude that what its supporters have hailed as an irrefutable mathematical prophecy might have to be downgraded by everyone else into the well-informed hunch from a left-leaning French economist--a significant drop in confidence level, as the statisticians might say.

UPDATE II: Blog Brother Bryan points out that GMU's Don Boudreax's review is very good as well.

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