April 24, 2014


Such promise:

And yet:

Oregon's health insurance exchange failed to launch in October as planned and no Oregon residents have been able to sign up for health insurance through the exchange site. As Reason's Peter Suderman explained in January, the exchange received $48 million thanks to one of the federal government's "early innovator grants" as well as $11.8 million in IT support.

And every web coder, and database dude, and the ladies script'n Java for client-side tools, and the back-end XML techs writing strongly typed XSDs in the Oregon Waaaaaay..

'Scuse me, but the complete toileting of $60 Million makes me burst into song.

UPDATE: Make that $303 Million:

An internal audit ordered by [Democratic Governor John] Kitzhaber concludes that Cover Oregon's architects were doomed by multi-agency bureaucratic confusion with no quality control or accountability for results. Investigators at the KATU news station uncovered evidence suggesting that Cover Oregon officials created a fake website to create the illusion of progress for the feds, who made ObamaCare grants that totalled $303 million.

ACA Horror Story of the Day Posted by John Kranz at April 24, 2014 6:17 PM

Maybe Oregon can just switch over and use the Connecticut Exchange, like Maryland did.

And what's up with reporters investigating things that make O-care look bad anyway? Get me their SSNs.

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