April 24, 2014

Why Johnny Can't Recycle!

From the tortured metaphor to the triple-segue. Like the fine print says in the Mercedes commercial with the woman driving her $70K car in the demolition derby: caution is warranted.

But -- fruit juicy! -- three rockin' anti-enviro links in two days.

1) If you only look at one, enjoy this writing assignment and its handling.

A public high school junior in Littleton, Colorado, was assigned an in-class essay in AP English using prepackaged materials from the College Board. Students were to explain what "key issues" leaders "should consider when making policies that may affect global warming." The student argued that leaders should consider "how much money, time, and effort" can be spent on fighting global warming without compromising efforts to resolve other key issues.

Click through to see the essay and the teacher's response. No grammar, punctuation or style guidance was given, mind you, but the instructor shared some thoughts on the topic.

2) The most courageous man in the world!

A US economics professor has published the letter he wrote to his daughter's schoolteacher explaining why he doesn't want his girl indoctrinated in the green religion. Steven Landsburg, a professor at Rochester, NY, included it as part of a longer essay in which he calls environmentalism a "coercive ideology" targeted specifically at children.

3) The Masters speak (well, one of them anyway...) Hat-tip: Yaron Brook

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