April 22, 2014

Mike Rowe -- Call Your Office!

Welders earn $150-200K and the owner of Pioneer Pipe in Ohio "has had to turn down orders because he can't find enough skilled welders." Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel says it's time to bring back shop classes.

The Ohio School Board Association recently heard a similar message--from the actor John Ratzenberger, whom you might remember as Cliff Clavin, the mailman from the 1980s sitcom "Cheers." Mr. Ratzenberger these days is devoting considerable charitable time and dollars toward raising the profile of America's skilled laborers as role models for young people.

He began this effort in 2004 with a TV show called "Made in America," focusing attention on the rewarding labor of blue-collar workers making everything from Steinway pianos and Wonder Bread to Caterpillar equipment and Chris Craft yachts. Now he's crisscrossing the country urging schools to invest in vocational education.

Posted by John Kranz at April 22, 2014 3:36 PM

In attendance at an Eagles playoff game last night [Colorado, ECHL, not Philadelphia, NFL] I chatted with a woman about the education and incomes of her son and daughter. - You know where this is going, of course, since women are universally paid a fraction of what men get because ours is a racist, homophobic, misogynistic patriarchal society since the Republican Party is even allowed to exist. - Son, after 10 months of vocational welder training, earns daughter's annual salary in 3 months. This despite daughter, a school teacher, having a masters degree.

Thus explaining why welded stuff is so expensive. Not enough women welders to exploit.

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