March 28, 2014


On the Next Episode of Undercover Boss

Okay, I know it really seemed like I was about to stop there, but I just had a great idea. They should do a show where Rich Lowry goes undercover to work with the guys and gals in the trenches at NRO. Returning from his "research villa" on the Aegean, Lowry could toil with the associate editors, chained to their drafting tables like so many Korean animators. He could spend a day in the editorial hot box, where such miserable wretches as Stephen Spruiell and Kevin Williamson are locked away until they almost literally sweat out another editorial on debt reduction or steel tariffs. For once Lowry would have to tie Ponnuru's shoes and hand-crush each cube of ice for Kathryn's margaritas. Potemra could swing by Lowry's desk instead of poor Helen Rittelmeyer's and drop some 500-page tome in the original Greek in Lowry's lap with the order "Summarize this by morning." -- Jonah Goldberg

Alert readers have surmised from three QsOTD by 11AM Mountain that a) I have a very important work project; b) I am now on critical path; c) it is late; and d) I am finding it difficult to devote my full attention.

Quote of the Day Posted by John Kranz at March 28, 2014 12:58 PM

More than 48 hours after his last post on this site, it seems that br'er jk finally found his dedication.

It's been oddly quiet, has it not?

Welfare check in 10.............................9........

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