March 4, 2014

And He's In!

Rep. Bob Beauprez announces.

Former Congressman Bob Beauprez on Monday filed his paperwork to run for governor, saying Coloradans for weeks have urged him to get into the GOP primary.

In an interview with the Denver Post, the 65-year-old Boulder County native blasted Democratic Gov. John Hickenlooper's style of leadership, talked about defeat of the education tax-hike measure Amendment 66, and explained why he got into a race where six Republicans already have announced.

"I want to get Colorado moving again and be the envy of the whole country," he said.

Losing to Bill Ritter by 17 is disconcerting. But despite what you may have read on the Internet, I've no great, fundamental objection.

CO Governor Posted by John Kranz at March 4, 2014 11:02 AM

So "both-ways Bob" became the seventh entrant to the race because he wants to "give voters an option of somebody who has the vision, the credibility, the experience to get the job done."

I guess I can see some advantages there. Still, why wait until Caucus Eve to get in? The Convention bid stuff is a canard. I think there's just a sense that there may never be a consensus around any of the other guys. Maybe true. Like I've said on Facebook, I'll support whichever nominee wins the primary. (I just haven't said on FB that I hope it's not Tom.)

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