November 8, 2013


Dear fellow TEA Partiers,

Please, PLEASE... don't nominate this guy.

Tancredo was caught on camera giving the finger to a Hudak supporter at a rally of signature gatherers who want Hudak kicked out of office.

Tancredo told Denver's CBS4 that the man yelled an expletive at him after following him around with a video camera.

"Look, this guy is a thug, and you have to talk to thugs in a language they understand," he said.

Wrong, Tom. You have to learn to ignore verbal taunts. While it's true that this sort of thing endears you to your acolytes, it also shows poor judgment, character and temperament to the rest of Colorado's voters who would be even less inclined to make you their governor.

CO Governor Tea Party Posted by JohnGalt at November 8, 2013 3:21 PM

He's a uniter!

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