October 24, 2013

Establishment GOP Got Them No Good Walkin' (Back) Blues

That shutdown that was the worst thing to happen to the GOP since John Wilkes Booth got a TicketHub® account? Kate Bachelder gets some WSJ Ed Page space:

In the midst of the public relations shellacking that Republicans have endured for shutting down the government, the GOP can take heart that at least one prominent red-state Democrat up for re-election next year is suffering in the polls.

A survey released Tuesday by the University of Arkansas shows that a mere 34% of likely voters in the state approve of the job Arkansas Sen. Mark Pryor is doing in Washington. Just last year, Mr. Pryor enjoyed a 53% approval rating, and the government shutdown may explain the 19-point drop. In 2014, Democrats must defend seven Senate seats in states that President Obama lost last year, and Arkansas is considered one of the likelier pick-ups for the GOP

Shellack our way to a majority, babies!

Tea Party Posted by John Kranz at October 24, 2013 1:43 PM
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