July 30, 2013

Annual rise in cost of living? Roughly 10 percent

Let's pause the battle for the soul of the Republican Party long enough to examine more proof of the existence of Stealtflation (R). This Fox Business article dates to last summer, but except for the Bing or Google page caches it may be the closest you can get to the chapwood index site, which is either swamped after their FNC mention this morning or blocked by the Secret Service.

Wait, what's that sound? whup whup whup whup...

UPDATE: This guy stole my term, Stealthflation, before I even coined it! (And we need to work on our SEO 'cause the first Threesources hit for the term didn't come until the third page.)

Economics and Markets Monetary Policy Shameless Self Promotion Posted by JohnGalt at July 30, 2013 11:08 AM

The Chapwood Index creator said he came up with it to show how working folk are getting robbed every year by their government through devaluation of their earnings. (Also the reason I keep harping on it, by the way.) As I look into our company parking lot I must credit the amazing production effiencies and technologies that allow sub-$15k cars to be produced in the uber-regulation era. Cars without which an ever growing segment of the working class would be living in the pre-automobile past.

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