March 14, 2013

Feed the Jar!

A great email from a good friend of this blog contained a reference to the jar into which you must put a dollar if you say "If George Bush had done this..." I had forgotten that.

The context was an NPR story about "benign" inflation. I, sadly, joined the snooty-pointy-heads as a monetary phenomenon but must agree -- and feed the jar -- that NPR would take a different look at lower income people paying high prices for gas and food if that malaproping cowboy were walking the halls at 1600. I mean, seriously, does anybody question that?

How about a VP Dick Cheney jar right next to it? D'Angelico has just released these extremely affordable import reissue versions of their classic sell-your-'59-'vette-to-make-a-layaway-payment models. So we need to raise cash.

Did'ja see this?

Bidenís office forces reporter to delete photos, apologizes

The "reporter" was University of Maryland J-school Dean Lucy Dalglish:
In her letter, Dalglish said: "Rockville is not a third-world country where police-state style media censorship is expected." Biden press secretary Kendra Barkoff apologized to Dalglish and Barr in phone calls but wouldn't speak on the record to Capital News Service's Lucas High.

The Dean didn't tell them to bark off???? (Hat-tip Insty who is a hair more harsh.)

Whatever, I'm certain that Jon Stewart would be just as silent if VP Darth Cheney had... (I think I like the Excel.)

VP Biden Posted by John Kranz at March 14, 2013 1:30 PM
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