March 6, 2013


No, not that pansy-assed cloture crap. A stand at the podium and "speak until I can no longer speak" Mister Smith goes to Washington style fillibuster. From "I will not let Obama 'shred the Constitution."

"The point isnít that anyone in our country is Hitler," Paul said, repeating that he is not comparing anyone to Hitler. "But what I am saying that is in a democracy you could somehow elect someone who is very evil . . . When a democracy gets it wrong, you want the law to be in place."

Video still live here:

Damn I'm proud of the United States Senator from Kentucky, Rand Paul.

UPDATE: The Filitracker - HT: Brother Bryan

UPDATE: Senator Rand Paul's fillibuster for individual rights and against an ever more powerful central government attracted an unusual ally to the Republican's side: Code Pink.

Paulís nearly 13-hour filibuster on the Senate floor ó which delayed the vote to confirm John Brennan as director of the CIA ó was unusual in that it brought together unlikely allies: libertarian-leaning Republicans, establishment Republicans, Democrats and even left-wing activists like Code Pink.

They're still as misguided a group of lemmings you'll ever see, but it is refreshing to see any willingness to stand with traditional foes over a particular principle. I'll say this for Code Pink: Their principles are almost completely wrong, but at least they have principles.

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AWESOME ON STILTS!!! (Not conducive to work, but...)

Paul - Ayotte 2016!

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