December 5, 2012

My Greatest Facebook Argument of all Time

A lefty friend of this blog posts a video of Mister Rodgers testifying before the US Senate in 1969, defending the Corporation for Public Broadcasting from threatened Nixon cuts (our 37th's finest hour).

I thought of pointing out that in 1969, there was no cable TV. I thought of pointing out that quality CPB/PBS programming could prosper without subsidies or that many are already quite successful. But, I decided that I was clever:

I'm gonna answer with a little song..."Oh Mister Handsome Combover Senator Man, read Article I, Section 8 as soon as you can. It will tell you in a paragraph or two, what the boys and the girls in Congress may do. Before you get to milk and cookie time, read Amendment Ten -- it comes right after nine! After storytime, Senator you'll see, that government run media is not commensurate with a polity free."
Shameless Self Promotion Posted by John Kranz at December 5, 2012 11:13 AM

Got this cheerful and rational response:

It is not "Government Run" nor is the BBC in the UK. Conspiracy Conspiracy Conspiracy!!!!!!! Scream. The liberals are going to make this a Communist country. Buy more guns. There's a War on Christmas. There's no global warming -- it's all a liberal lie. Death panels. Uggghhhhh!

Eight exclamation marks! I am having a very good day!

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