November 8, 2012

Why demographics favor Republicans

If that isn't a provocative headline, then The Refugee will never craft one...

Liberal pundits are quick to bury the Republican party as "too old and too white." (As an old white guy, The Refugee is suitably offended...) Here are some rough stats that lead to Obama's victory: 72% of Latinos, 74% of Asians, 65% of single women and 90+% of blacks. Despite these overwhelming numbers, Obama's victory was just 2.4% of the popular vote. Now, imagine if these margins were reduced to 60% of Latinos, 50% of Asians, 55% of single woman and 75% of blacks. With this shift, it would be very difficult for Democrats to win a national election.

So, the task for Democrats is figuring out how to hold impossibly large margins of minority voters. Of course, Republicans need to figure out how to eat into these margins. Given the math, The Refugee would rather be a Republican strategist.

Dee Dee Myers, on Fox News this evening, said that GOP must become the "Grand Opportunity Party." The Refugee couldn't have said it better. We need to stand for fiscal conservatism, school choice, right-to-work, opportunity for immigrants and financial empowerment of ALL Americans. The math can work.

2012 Election Posted by Boulder Refugee at November 8, 2012 9:01 PM
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