August 5, 2012

Review Corner: Cloud Storage

TRAGEDY! I take my Kindle in my very small car because I know I will have to kill some time. I put it on the console knowing someday I am going to lean on it too hard and. Oh. Crap.

It is my negligence and I won't whine -- I might take one star off my review of the case, but c'est la guerre.

Got the new one (thanks, lovely bride!) and have to wonder at how painless it was to set it up. Get on Amazon, choose the books I want, and click "Send to device" and I am back to Justice Scalia's world in less than a minute.

Now I know Apple is moving to iCloud but it is not the default. When I have broken an iPod or had a computer crash, it is a huge all-day hassle to recover -- and some things are always lost. Again, iCloud might have brought Apple to this level, but Amazon built its hardware around its cloud, so this has always been available, and everything I have EVER bought from them is there to load onto any of my devices.

Five stars for the platform.

Technology Posted by John Kranz at August 5, 2012 10:05 AM
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