July 28, 2012

RAHQOTD - Post Facto Edition

I missed an important anniversary last week. It was overshadowed, temporarily, by the horrific acts of a sociopathic young man. In my adulthood I have generally categorized those younger than me as either pre- or post-moonwalk babies. Today's 'post facto' Heinlein quote celebrates the significance of that event, forty-three years ago.

This is the great day. This is the greatest event in all the history of the human race, up to this time. That is -- today is New Year's Day of the Year One. If we don't change the calendar, historians will do so. The human race -- this is our change, our puberty rite, bar mitzvah, confirmation, from the change of our infancy into adulthood for the human race. And we're going to go on out, not only to the Moon, to the stars; we're going to spread. I don't know that the United States is going to do it; I hope so. I have -- I'm an American myself; I want it to be done by us. But in any case, the human race is going to do it, it's utterly inevitable: we're going to spread through the entire universe.

-- RAH in a live interview with Walter Cronkite of CBS News on the day of the first moonwalk (July 20, 1969)

Quote of the Day Posted by JohnGalt at July 28, 2012 9:56 AM

Awesome. As we roll into an enhanced private role, I am starting to get excited again. Pity we squandered [not fair, went slowly for] 40 years, but the Deutsch Book, Planetary Resources, and Sir Richard Branson's forays provide hope.

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