July 13, 2012

Dave Kopel on NFIB v Sebelius (Bumped)

I have delayed discussion of Monday's Liberty on the Rocks because Ari Armstrong was recording it. And I was waiting for him to post. Here is the first of what may be ten parts:

Don't let "ten" scare you. It was a short and very interesting talk.

Hope you will all watch Dr. Kopel, but I'm going to engage in an appeal to authority and suggest his views very similar to what I have been saying. Imagine if I were smart and well spoken and knew what I was talking about, and wore a tie -- I would be just like Dr. Kopel!

On the serious side, he does elaborate several liberty-protecting parts of the decision: starting as you can tell with the Commerce Clause, but proceeding to some important limitations on Necessary and Proper.

The raucous bar noise (and this is a musician talking) is a little distracting -- as it was live. But I think Brother Bryan would point out that these are "tavern" meetings. Casual comfort is a great part of their charm.

Hat-tip: Terri, who sat across the table from the lovely bride and I and saw this posted before I did.

UPDATE: The second segment (on N & P) is up.

UPDATE 1.5: Link? No embed? Huh? What?

UPDATE II: Part III (Medicaid & State Spending)

UPDATE III: (ObamaCare's "Seinfeld Tax on Nothing")

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