May 2, 2012

There's been a development in the Chen Guangcheng case and br'er KA was right - our government has done the inconceivable.

The deal also stipulates that the Chinese government would treat Chen and his family humanely, that they would be relocated, and that Chen would be allowed to study at a university. Senior administration officials told reporters in a background briefing in Beijing that Chen called Secretary of State Hillary Clinton from the car to the hospital and said, "I want to kiss you."

Riiiiiight. I'm sure they will be "relocated" and he can "study" ... how to be a good comrade citizen. (Ain't buying that kiss Hillary business though.)

Glasser noted that Zeng Jinyan, the wife of well-known activist Hu Jia, contradicted that account on Twitter, saying Chen told her he had asked to "see" Clinton, not to kiss her.

Clinton, in a statement, said, "I am pleased that we were able to facilitate Chen Guangcheng's stay and departure from the U.S. Embassy in a way that reflected his choices and our values." [Translation: We have defused this awkward and embarassing international situation.]

Chen, according to the AP, said that it was true he had expressed his desire to stay in China. But now that U.S. officials have left him alone in his hospital room, he is having second thoughts.

"I think we'd like to rest in a place outside of China," he said. He then asked to relay a message to Congressman Chris Smith (R-NJ). "Help my family and I leave safely."

So Chen and his family, like many Americans and their families, must seek the aid of state or local government in the face of federal tyranny. Let's hope that Senator Smith has more pull with the Chinese government than President Obama does.

Posted by JohnGalt at May 2, 2012 3:07 PM

Wow, who would have predicted that? Oh, wait...

Noting that Chen Guangcheng is in fact blind, I'm sure that he'd love to "see" the Hildebeast; and also, since he is in fact blind, we can smile politely, knowing that he can't be accused of quickly correcting the comment about kissing Her Cankleness for solely such superficial reasons as her appearance.

Snark aside... oh, never mind, the snark can stay... but in light of his desire to rest in a place outside of China, I have a spare bedroom I would be honored to offer for the use of Chen and his family.

Posted by: Keith Arnold at May 2, 2012 5:24 PM

UPDATE: This will break your heart. This administration is leaving Chen to twist in the wind:

Posted by: Keith Arnold at May 2, 2012 7:15 PM

Greetings from Mickey's house in Florida!

The WSJ folks did an interesting piece on Chen. As a dissident he may not want to leave. Keith's guest room is no doubt Cody. But Gigot and Co. -- no airbrush artists for the Administration -- point out that he must stay to affect change.

Smoochies with Secretary Clinton is a new development. No word on Eighth Amendment implications...

Posted by: jk at May 3, 2012 8:29 AM

The portion of that opinion that the unwashed denizens of the free-net can see says only that details of the deal, including whether Mr. Chen [sic - shall we refer to Paul Gigot as "Mr. Paul?"] was coerced to accept by Chinese threats to his family, "remain murky." Indeed, I will agree that Washington's attention to the safety of Mr. Guangchang and his family is "murky." No dispute there.

While dismissing my criticisms please understand I am merely a "NASCAR retard" whose thinking is manipulated by a series of Drudge headline links, which read:


China activist appeals to Obama...

Deal unravels...

Chen fears for life...

"We are in danger'...

Hillary ignores...

Posted by: johngalt at May 3, 2012 2:36 PM

As I implied here, what courage this administration shows!

Perhaps if Chen were a Pakistani instead...

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