April 25, 2012

Missed Segue

Dang. It was just lying there and I walked right by.

My post on the Planetary Resources failed to capture my wonder. First, that this clearly a step toward an actual instance of "Red Dwarf." Secondly, that this is an actual instance of wonder, a "step into a larger world" if I may mix a Star Wars quote and a Red Dwarf reference in the same paragraph.

I recognized Eric Schmidt's name from Google. And I was familiar with the name Peter Diamandis, partially conflating it with Jamie Dimon of JP Morgan.

But Diamandis is the X-Prize guy and co-author of the superb Abundance which was reviewed on these pages. He and David Deutsch are both positive about tapping potential bounty beyond Earth. And I hear the last lefty argument of resource limitations falling in an organic forest where no-one is around to hear.

UPDATE: Ari Armstrong writes about Planetary Resources (and other big ideas) in The Objective Standard

Philosophy Posted by John Kranz at April 25, 2012 11:04 AM

But, it is a little funny that James Cameron is involved? Doesn't this make him the bad guy in "Avatar?"

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