April 19, 2012

Clever SPAM!

Innovation is not dead. Got this on my work account:

Rewriting marketing history...how the GSA could have saved their jobs

We all speculate about those moments when history might have taken a different path. If Washington hadn't chopped down that cherry tree. If Columbus had headed in the opposite direction. If Charlie Sheen hadn't discovered twitter...

Now here's a new one for you. Imagine if the GSA had heard about the Creative Services Exchange before they blew their budget in Vegas. They would have been able to find great creatives to deliver everything from cool designs for commemorative coins to the most happening event -- but they wouldn't have wasted $800K. So instead of Congress holding hearings and questioning how the GSA could do that with our hard earned tax dollars, we'd be congratulating them on knowing how to spend wisely.

That's because when anyone wants any sort of marketing, from an experiential event, to a promotional campaign, supporting collateral and brand buzz and excitement, the Creative Services Exchange does it without a fuss. It does it without padding and overheads. It's why those brands which have engaged their brains come to us to save up to 50% on the old way of doing things.

We can't save the jobs of the GSA now, but we can ensure that your head doesn't roll because of bad marketing decisions and overspending. Submit a brief at the Creative Services Exchange and you'll save yourself time, money and gain plaudits, not problems.

PS What happens in the Exchange, stays in the Exchange (just like Vegas).

But they'll rock at health care Posted by John Kranz at April 19, 2012 12:36 PM
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