January 12, 2012

Quote of the Day

For what it's worth, my forays into hoping for divine intervention didn't work out. I prayed fervently before each of the three Super Bowls we Minnesota Vikings played in. We played against the Dolphins, the Steelers and the Raiders. I don't know about the first two games, but I was sure God would be on our side for the game against the Raiders! After all, they were the villains of the league, and it was hard to believe they had more Christians on their team than on our saintly Vikings. We lost. -- Fran Tarkenton
The great QB's column is good and rather complimentary, but feeds into the Tebow-haters' theme that he is "praying for touchdowns" ("belittling real suffering," my hero Penn Jillette said). I'm no football theologian, but it seems pretty clear that the young man seeks personal strength and clarity more than a favorable spot. Sports Posted by John Kranz at January 12, 2012 3:31 PM

Every time the former QB pops up, I like him more and more (including several quite good appearances on SNL). Mike Rosen read this today in entirety and I thought it excellent.

If I could wish for one thing going forward, it's to be able to write effortlessly with self-effacing grace, like he did. And yes, he did Mr. Tebow a great service.

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