November 29, 2011


Front page photo banner in today's DP - Photogenic Farmers A new calendar features photos of people you may have met who produce vegetables, fruit, meat, cheese or honey, along with recipes.

"We love the farming community and Colorado, and we want to get more people connected to it," said Nagy. Bad news about industrial food [sic] such as the "Food, Inc." documentary, makes people feel powerless, she added. "So supporting these local, living economies are one way we can take back control."

So Fort Collins collaborators Kelsi Nagy and Liz Gaylor invested their time and borrowed capital to create a new Farmers of the Front Range calendar. OK, pretty cool. But I have to say it doesn't seem to portray a broad spectrum of the thousands of farmers who work and live along Colorado's front range. While they spotlight folks who "farm on a few leased acres close to Fort Collins, close enough that shareholders in their community supported agriculture program can bicycle out to help work the vegetable plots in the summer," they don't seem to notice the farmers I'm most familiar with in the third leading agricultural area in the United States, Weld County. Those folks are better portrayed by Hank Williams Jr.

But I suppose they'd just dismiss these hard workin' folk as "industrial food" producers.

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Game, set, match. (Probably NSFW)

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Safe For Work (which I oughtta be doin') from the same goofy site: Ten Regrettable Portraits.

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